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West Oaks Pest Control is proud to be a Family and Veteran owned company.

Family Owned & Operated!  We are a family owned and operated pest control companies in the Ventura County area and #1 in Quality.  We are capable of meeting the most stringent requirements of our customers yet retain the flexibility to customize programs to meet individual needs. 

Local Headquarters!  Our customers don’t have to call a national headquarters to get results. Our headquarters is right here local in Ventura County, in the community, and we are always available to assist our customers.

Service By Appointment! Why can't everyone treat their customers like this?  We know your time is valuable and we won't waste it.  

Professionals!  Your service is backed by licensed professionals as well as experts from the Pest Control Operators of California (PCOC) and leading universities. West Oaks Pest Control’s membership in local and national professional organizations ensures the highest standards of professionalism and integrity are maintained. West Oaks Pest Control only uses EPA registered natural and organic materials.

Involved In Our Community! West Oaks Pest Control has been active in our local community, we donate our time and services to charitable organizations.