If nature were left to her own, plants and animals would flourish. But, since mankind’s needs increase constantly, insects and some animals have come to be know as pests instead of a part of nature. They are sometimes called bugs, pests, and creepy crawlers to name a few. Chemical poison repellents were invented to control pests.

If you currently have a pest problem, we will deal with it quickly and professionally.

Whether you are in need of home service or service for your facility, West Oaks Pest Control offers an effective program based on your particular needs, concerns, and level of infestation. Although every pest management situation is different, there are some basics that form the back bone of an effective pest management program.

General Pest Control
At West Oaks Pest Control, we offer full service programs for all pest-related problems. All of our service programs are designed to be flexible enough to meet our concerns and provide the most effective, affordable service available. West Oaks Pest Control has been a leader in a customer programs designed for your individual needs, not ours. We specialize in services abandoned by others. Our unique understanding of our industry and our concern for our customers have allowed us to develop programs utilizing the latest products and techniques available.

Perimeter Service Program
Most of the problem pests dwell in the landscape, not in the home. The generic name for these annoyances is "dooryard" pests. If these pests are effectively blocked from entering your home, there is little need for the application of pest management materials in the interior of the home. At West Oaks Pest Control, our Perimeter Service Program is designed to reduce the need for additional interior treatments after the initial service (if the problem is the control of a dooryard pest).

Year Round Service
Many new customers often ask "Why do I need your service year round, especially in winter?" Living in California is the envy of many people and pests. Southern California provides the perfect environment for pests to remain active, even in our winter/rainy months. Our service is a year round program. Many new challenges arise in the cooler months, including rodent/pests invading our homes looking for shelter.  Pests prefer warm, dry locations. We have developed programs and techniques specifically for use in the winter/rainy months. Water Activated Granules are just one example of the many products West Oaks Pest Control uses during the winter months.

Free Inspections

West Oaks Pest Control offers inspections and consultations, at no cost to you. This is to determine if West Oaks can give you a customized Integrated Pest Management Program (IPM) designed to meet your specific needs.